The International Forum for Flora and Fauna Photography is a free membership forum for anybody with an interest in the conservation of flora and fauna. The Forum was launched in 2008 with a website*. The Forum is now a network of the National Wellbeing Service Ltd that maintains this new website launched on 10th July, 2023.

We are keen to build up a wide range of photographs taken by our members illustrating flora and fauna from around the world. We hope these photos can be made available for educational purposes such as schools, colleges and universities so please do not use restrictive copyright licenses on our Flickr and Facebook pages.

Some of our members have historically uploaded photos to our original (legacy) website. However, the majority of photos are on our flickr groups.

Our two flickr groups focus on flora eg plants, trees, shrubs, mosses, seaweeds and fauna eg. animals, insects, fish, birds etc. If you join our flickr group(s) you automatically become a member of the international forum. Our flickr groups now have in excess of 3000 photos submitted by over 180 members.

Please visit and join our online flickr groups and upload your photographs. Also share your photos on our facebook group and page. You can also follow our Instagram account:

Facebook Page:

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* The original website is still online as a legacy website. However, it will not be updated.


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